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History of Malakan

Malakan was started with nothing but a dream by Nazar Malakan in 1938. He was later joined by his sons, Nader and Kourosh, who helped him build the company to what it is today; one of the largest manufacturing companies of its kind. Malakan has worked hard over the past 78 years to provide the unique and exciting jewelry designs that our customer’s desire, while remaining family owned and operated.

What Malakan Provides?

Malakan is a diamond house with full manufacturing capabilities and offer a complete line of finished jewelry. We are also one of the leading CAD-CAM design companies nationwide, with over 150 CAD designers available to make your customer’s dreams come true. The Malakan team is happy to offer all of their customers a 24 hour CAD turn around at no cost to you. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service to our retailers, so they can provide that same service in turn to their clientele.