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Client Testimonial

We have been in this business for over thirty years and I have seen a lot of companies start out great and just fall apart. From their custom work to their awesome 30 to 1 program we could not be happier. We have two stores and have been doing business with Malakan for about 4 years and have nothing but great things to say. Thank you for your hard work and dedication

-- David and D.J Necker, Store owner Necker’s Jewelers, DeWitt, IA.

Malakan Diamonds rocks!!!! Do you want to simplify your life and focus on your customers? Then Malakan is your choice their ability to custom make jewelry is phenomenal and no one compares.Their ability to get you a free CAD model overnight gets you the speed and answers to price that your customers expect. Which allows you to focus on the customer and not get caught up waiting for CADs that take days and even weeks to get. They have helped improve our sales and our confidence in custom jewelry their quality is top notch and I would refer them to anyone!

-- Joseph Needham, S.E. Needham jewelers, Logan UT, since 1896.

Malakan Diamond Company is an integral part of Erik Runyan Jewelers success. The Malakan family keeps our inventory stocked and fresh with their large selection and stock balancing programs. Custom design has also reached new heights. The process of creating CAD’s, wax models, and beautiful custom designed jewelry goes smoothly and helps us close sales. Malakan Diamond Company is simply a jeweler’s best friend.

-- Erik Runyan, Leslie Runyan, Steve Runyan. Erik Runyan Jewelers, Vancouver, WA.

Thanks to the convenience of Malakan's next day rendering services not only do I have more time for our existing clientele, I am also able to take on more custom projects and get to know more new customers - all of which ultimately result in an increase in sales revenue and a higher level of customer satisfaction!

-- Jeff & Danny White, Owners of Jeff White Custom Jewelry, Las Vegas, NV.

Golden Creations has been designing custom jewelry since 1975. But in 2007, Malakan Diamonds has become an integral partner in helping us make the jewelry our customers could only dream of. With the help of C.A.D., our customers can see their ideas in amazing 3-D. Malakan can also provide a finished wax model for the customer to try on. Malakan delivers, not only with their amazing speed of production, but also the quality is superb and on par what I myself would offer. In other words, Malakan Diamond Company makes designing custom jewelry easier for me.

-- Francisco Weiss, Owner and Designing Goldsmith, Golden Creations, Pittsburgh, PA

We have done business with Malakan for 15 years now. The 30 to 1 inventory program has allowed us to increase our inventory with beautiful pieces without having to spend lots of money. It keeps the merchandise fresh and they are always working on new designs. The custom design CAD program allows us to do custom work quickly with our clients without having to invest in CAD software and growers. Great custom program. Thanks Malakan!!

-- Greg Raskin; Raskin’s Jewelers; Prescott, AZ

My name is Cindy Pine. I own Heavenly Gems in Fresno, Ca . I started working with Malakan Diamonds 22 yrs ago before computers! Each memo & invoice was hand-written! Everything with me was done on a handshake. Trust on both sides was how we operated. I'll never use anyone else to do my work! Great prices, great staff, great selection ! The best of the best anywhere!!

-- Cindy Pine; Owner of Heavenly Gems; Fresno, CA.

We use the custom department at Malakan with great success. There have been so many instances that Malakan has saved the sale for us. The turn around time for a CAD is usually 24 hours or less. I send the request before I leave for the day and the next morning it is in my email. Because they do not charge for their CADS, I don't hesitate to make the request for our client. More often than not, our client proceeds with the sale. They are one of the most accommodating companies I have ever worked with. Thank you Malakan~ you make it so easy.

-- Julie Sather Browne-4 Generation Jeweler, Sather's Leading Jewelers; Fort Collins CO

Over the last 30 years, Malakan has been our #1 Custom Design Manufacturer & Fine Jewelry Distributor. Malakan provides a quality product manufactured to our customer’s specifications with unique designs and exquisite detail. Prompt turn around, CAD’s with complimentary 3D Video which our customer’s love and also gives our company the confidence to better serve our clients. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Look forward to many years to come.

-- Steve and Teresa Anderson, Anderson’s Fine Jewelry of Redding CA

Hi my name is Terri and I am the Owner of Beyond Treasures and I want to thank Malakan Diamond for such an amazing job they do and what great customer service they have. They have created some amazing and wonderful pieces for me. They always do a great job and really take there time finding the right stones for my customers. I have used Malakan a few times and been very happy each and every time.. Thank you Malakan for all your hard work. Terri and Staff at Beyond Treasures

-- Terri and staff-Beyond Treasures San Jose, CA.

Our partnership with Malakan has gifted us with an unparalleled level of expertise, convenience, and craftsmanship. After 60 years in business, this takes our sales ability to new heights. Our requests are always handled in a timely fashion and the designs/images are beyond our guests’ expectations for Every client interaction. In a digital age where clients are coming in with pictures or a style already envisioned, Malakan will give you the competitive edge to guarantee closing your sales and earning customers for a lifetime.

-- Shannon Berish, Jensen Jewelers of Elko, Nevada.

WOW!! Ya’ll really blew it out of the park on custom 135262!! The client lost this ring when her house was broken into, and her goal was to re-create the original. She worked with two other jewelers before us that eventually gave up on her, and you were the ones that finally got it right! I know she is going to be so happy!

-- -Stacey

Just wanted to take a minute and tell you thanks for an awesome job! We received the band and engagement ring this morning. Our customer is going to absolutely love it. Great job once again!

-- Tiahni Mead

We received the “Square” wedd set today and the turn-out was exceptional! I wanted to thank you for doing great work on the attention to detail/ stone matching, center setting and all that makes the set gorgeous. I know the client will be delighted. A Phenomenal Job Team!

-- Diamond & Gold Vault

We really appreciated Malakan's creative artistic vision and expert technical help with designing and producing challenging custom designs. Today a customer picked up a white gold leafy bypass design featuring pear cut tsavorite accents, various finishes and engraved elements, and a really organic, natural look. He was amazed that Malakan translated his desires for a symmetrical-organic engagement ring into a beautiful, structurally sound, finely detailed and perfectly finished ring that is sure to stun his fiancee. And Malakan delivered the ring ahead of schedule and under budget! As custom jewelers, we love the excellent customer service, timely and clear communication, and most importantly the final products meet our high standards. The work is gorgeous and we can be proud to stand behind it for the lifetime of the ring. Thanks for all your help!

-- Amanda & the Abra Crew

I am an old timer in the business. I started in jewelry in 1960. My whole life in retail jewelry has been in selling. Having worked on 7 different companies for the last 57 years, I have always ,basically , sold what was in front of me. Ross Elliott is the first jeweler that I have been involved in designing and creating new jewelry. So my knowledge is very limited. Working with Malakan and especially Varun has been a very rewarding and eye opening experience. The jewelry is exceptionally well made and the transition and information imparted to me is refreshing in this day and age. I thank Malakan and you for all the assistance. It is pleasure to do business with Varun and Malakan.

-- Jerry Hill

I must say how much of a pleasure it is to work with you and the entire Malakan team. You never hesitate a moment to take care of us and make the sure the job is done right. I just want to say how much I, and all of us here, appreciate it. -Matthew

-- Kingston Fine J